NanoToxGen publications awarded

We are happy to announce that four publications with authors from NanoToxGen group have received the Iacobus Award 2022 (resolution published on 16/02/2023).

Here the awarded publications:

  1. From trihalomethanes chronic daily intake through multiple exposure routes to cancer and non-cancer health risk assessment: Evidence from public Portuguese indoor swimming pools facilities using a probabilistic approach. Sci Total Environ. 818:151790.
  2. Relationship between DNA damage measured by the comet-assay and cognitive function. Mutat Res Genet Toxicol Environ Mutagen. 883-884:503557.
  3. Exploring early detection of frailty syndrome in older adults: evaluation of oxi-immune markers, clinical parameters and modifiable risk factors. Antioxidants. 10(12):1975.
  4. Suitability of salivary leucocytes to assess DNA repair ability in human biomonitoring studies by the challenge-comet assay. Chemosphere. 307(Pt 4):136139.

Congrats to the team for such a good work!

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