PhD Thesis defense of Antía Sar

On December 21th, the PhD Dissertation of our Researcher Antía Sar Rañó took place. She defended very successfully her work, entitled «Synthesis and characterization of hydrazones and their vanadium complexes, and study of their possible pharmacological applications” at CICA – Interdisciplinary Center of Chemistry and Biology (University of A Coruña). The Doctoral Thesis was supervised by Dr. Avecilla and Dr. Fernández-Bertólez and it was awarded with Honors, Cum Laudem, and International Mention.

We sincerely appreciate the work and dedication of the Committee in charge of the examination, formed by Dr. Ezequiel Manuel Vázquez (Full Professor at University of Vigo, Spain), Dr. Blanca Laffon (Full Professor at University of A Coruña, Spain), and Dr. Ana Teresa Reis (Public Health Institute, University of Porto, Portugal).

Dr. Sar Thesis was aimed to evaluate the relationship between chemical structure and biological properties of several hydrazide-hydrazones ligands and vanadium complexes. In particular, two groups of hydrazide-hydrazone compounds derived from pyridoxal and from 2,6-diformyl-4-methylphenol with seven different aromatic rings as substituents and their corresponding vanadium complexes were synthetized and characterized by a number of analytical methodologies. Besides, the interaction of these compounds with biomolecules, specifically DNA and albumin, and their cytotoxic potency were also determined on human lung cells.  

Many congratulations Antía!!! We wish you all the luck in everything you propose!

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